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William M. Wightman Residence Hall

Wightman Exterior

Wightman Residence Hall is located on Evins Street beside Lesesne Hall and in front of the Wofford Village.

A Resident Director and three Resident Assistants supervise Wightman Hall, which houses 122 upperclassmen residents in a co-educational setting.

Each room features two cubes that function as bedroom and study areas, as well as a shared common area. The cubes are furnished with a bed, a desk, and a desk chair. The common area is furnished with two armoires and two dressers. This living space also has enough room for other seating, such as futons, couches or coffee tables.

Bathrooms are located between rooms, with only four same-gender residents sharing each bathroom.

Laundry areas are located on each floor. Vending machines are located on the first floor near the laundry area.

Windows on all floors 58" long x 34" wide
cubicles are 7' long x 8' wide (or 7' x 10' extended)

Wightman Hall

Wightman Interior