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Career Opportunities

One way to answer this question is to see what the graduates from our program have already done. What careers did they enter? The following list outlines the careers and actual job titles of the most recent 800 graduates from the Wofford College Psychology Program. Some of these titles represent recent graduates that may still be in graduate school, and others represent graduates that have been in their careers for many years. The listing below shows the breadth of the career options available for students in our program.  It does not identify how many graduates actually share the same job title. For example, the title "Psychologist" may be listed only once or twice, but scores of our graduates have actually become psychologists.

Psychologists and Counselors  

  • Private Practice: Psychologist, Marriage & Family Therapist, Clinical Psychologist, Pediatric Psychologist, Child Psychologist, Marriage & Family Counselor, Counselor, Behavior Analyst, Behavioral Consultant, Behavioral Health Specialist, Behavioral Health Consultant, Industrial Psychologist, Professional Counselor

  • In Private Organizations: Counselor/Supervisor, Psychologist/Administrator, Director of Counseling, President of Behavior Consulting, Vice President of Behavioral Services, Child Psychologist & Epidemiologist, Psychotherapist, Psychologist/Specialist, Clinical Coordinator, Clinical Counselor, Psychology Intern, Mental Health therapist, Mental Health Technician, Unit Manager

  • In Public Organizations:

    1. School Psychologist: School Psychologist, College Counselor, Guidance Counselor, Child Development Specialist

    2. Psychologist I, Psychologist II, Psychologist III, Counselor, Examiner, Specialist in Behavior Evaluation, Behavior Analyst, Staff Psychologist, Mental Health Evaluator, Mental Health Counselor

    3. Director of Research & Development, Senior Service Coordinator, Manager of Counseling Services, Psychological Program Manager, Chief of Rehabilitation, Chief of Residential Services, Industrial Psychologist, Research Consultant, Hospice Director, Social Services Director, Director (Assoc. for Retarded Persons).


  • Physician, Surgeon, Ophthalmologist, Pediatrician, Neurologist

  • Dentist, Oral Surgeon, Dental Officer

  • Nursing: Registered Nurse, Psychiatric Nurse, Intensive Care Nurse

  • Emergency Medical Technician I, II, III, Lab Technician

  • Health Investigator, District Health Director, Investigator of Communicable Diseases, Business Director (Dept of Anesthesia)

  • Pharmacist.


  • Vocational Rehabilitation: Counselor, Supervisor of Program Audits, Executive Director, Program Manager, Personnel Director, Staff Psychologist, Evaluator

  • Occupational Rehabilitation: Occupational Therapist, Occupationally Handicapped Aide

  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Deputy Director of Adult Services, Prevention Program Coordinator, Drug Education & Prevention Specialist, Clinical Counselor, SCIP Coordinator, Intensive Treatment Coordinator, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselor

  • Speech and Language Therapy: Speech & Language Therapist, Career Development Specialist, Speech Pathologist

  • Physical Therapy: Physical Therapist, Pediatric Physical Therapist.


  • Director of Food Protection, President of Health Care Association, Disease Intervention Specialist, Manager of Medical Communications, Director of Health Services

  • Pharmaceutical Representative, Radiation Protection Specialist

  • Medical Claims Adjuster, Environmental Technician.


  • Superintendent of Education, Assistant Superintendent, Dean of Cooperative Education, Dean of Instruction, Director of Elementary Education

  • Professor (Assistant, Associate, Full) of Psychology, Chairman of Psychology, Professor of Neuroscience, Chairman of Pediatric Dept., Professor of Communications

  • Teacher, Head of Science Dept (High School), Technology Teacher,

  • Principal, Assistant Principal, Athletic Director

  • Director of Early Childhood Education, Director of Instructional Services, Senior Research Associate, Home-School Coordinator

  • Teacher of the Deaf, Special Services Teacher, Special Education Teacher, Teacher of the Handicapped, Director of Learning Disabled, Special Needs Teacher, Youth Counselor (Deaf & Blind).

Human Resources  

  • Director of Personnel, Director of Staff Development, Personnel Director, Director of Personnel Services & Management, Director of Human Services

  • Director of Retirement Planning, Human Resources Manager, Assistant To Director of Human Resources, Education Manager, Corporate Personnel Manager, Senior Management Recruiter

  • Program Administrator, Staff Officer, Executive Recruiter, Interviewer, Employment Counselor, Admissions Counselor, Personnel Officer, Staff Consultant/Human Resources, Human Services Specialist II, Community Placement Worker.

Social Work

Social Worker, Case Worker, Medical Social Worker, Social Worker (in US Air Force), Supervisor of Child Sex Abuse, Clinical/Psychiatric Social Worker, Family Advocate, Family Advocacy Therapist, Director of Family Service Center, Project Administrator, Administrator of the Homeless Program, Foster Care Worker, Caseworker in Children’s Protective Services, Social Services Generalist, Senior Human Services Specialist, Social Services Director, Family Outreach Specialist, Service Worker, Social Services Specialist, Credit Counselor.


Minister, Pastor, Associate Pastor, Youth Minister, Church Youth Counselor.


Warden, Public Safety Officer, Detective, Parole Examiner, Probation Officer, Director of Public Safety, Assistant Chief Parole Examiner, Law Enforcement Agent III, Probation & Parole Agent, Security Guard.


  • Attorney, Justice of the SC Supreme Court, Associate Justice

  • Paralegal, Pretrial Services Officer, Title Abstractor

  • Criminal Investigator (Dept. of Veterans Affairs).

Business & Management  

  • Graduate-Owned Business: Owner, President, CEO of own business (many dozens of them!), Independent Sales Contractor, Contractor

  • Private Business (not owned by the Wofford Graduate): President, CEO, Chairman of the Board, Executive Director, Regional Director, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Vice President of Investments, Management Consultant, Plant Manager, Executive Director, Plant Manager, Stock Broker, Investment Broker, Administrative Manager, Administrator, Property Manager, Manufacturers Representative, Branch Manager, Director of Accounting, Department Manager, Purchasing Agent, Claim Specialist, National Account Representative, Managing Editor, Financial Planner, District Representative, Publisher,  Business Broker, City Executive, Manager, Manufacturing Representative, Investor, Marketing Analyst, Terminal Supervisor, Vice President of Purchasing, Director of Operations, Operations Manager, Industrial Control Specialist, Real Estate Appraiser, Control Room Operator, Shipping Supervisor, Construction Manager, General Contractor, Mechanical Engineer, Buyer/Salesman, Shop Superintendent, Senior Pricing Analyst, Financial Aid Advisor, Corporate Account Executive, Claims Representative, Assistant Office Manager, Production Supervisor, Account Manager, Claims Taker, Safety & Training Manager, Desktop Publisher, Performance Improvement Manager, Medical Claims Adjuster, Manager of Systems Contracts, Publisher’s Representative, Office Manager, Receptionist

  • Sales: Sales Representative, District Sales Manager, Sales Director, Distributor, Wholesale Manager, Director of Sales, Marketing Representative, Salesman, General Sales Manager

  • Nonprofit Agencies: Director of Development, Director of Student Activities, Vice President for Development, Agency Manager, Executive Director

  • Governmental Agencies: National Resource Administrator, Technical Director.


Head Football Coach (U.S. Air Force Academy), (Major) Staff Officer, (Colonel) Physician, (Major) Chief Operations Officer, (Major) Defense Intelligence Officer, Industrial Psychologist, (Captain) Research Consultant, (Major) Company Commander, (Captain) Ordinance Officer, Brigadier General.


  • CEO, Chairman of the Board, President, Vice President, Assistant Vice President, Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Finance, Financial Planner, Banker, Senior Vice President

  • Loan Officer, Investment Officer, Corporate Banker, Abstractor Coordinator, Management Trainer, Commercial Real Estate Lender.


Systems Manager, Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, Senior Systems Analyst, Computer Programming Consultant, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Trainer, Technical Services Manager, Computer Consultant, Software Analyst.


Graduate School (in psychology and other areas), Medical School, Physical Therapy School, Dental School, Occupational Therapy School, Speech Pathology, Nursing School, Social Work Programs, Law School.


United States Delegate to the UN, Farmer, Engineer Analyst, Song Writer, Magician, Writer, Cabinetmaker, Mechanical Engineer, Conference Concierge, Firefighter, Professional Actor, Librarian, Automation Technician, Bookkeeper, Office Manager, Realtor, Waitress, Nanny, Airline Pilot, Driving Instructor, Fighter Pilot, Funeral Director.