Executive Council
Chuck Lehmuller (Archon) 
Noah Ginsburg    (Vice Archon) 
Alex Dunlap        (Treasurer) 
Diamond Marcano  (Secretary) 
Jack Wisham       (Warden) 
Matthew Yochum   (Historian) 
Stuart Lee         (Chaplain) 
Stephen Bendziewicz (Push Chairman) 

Committee Chairmen
Noah Ginsburg    (Rush Chair) 
Stephen Harris   (Social Chair) 
Campbell Cox   (Risk Management Chair)

Chapter Members:  

Class of 2014 

Chuck Lehmuller 
Adam Christenson 
Drew Cameron 
Jack Wisham
Marc Ramirez 
Stephen Harris 
Will Cornwell
Sam Maddox
Ben Miller

Class of 2015 

Noah Ginsburg 
Grant Schoonmaker
Taylor Mosteller 
Cole Gunter 
Cye Heatherly 
Chad Richardson
Alex Dunlap

Class of 2016 

Garrison Lyles 
Jamie Inabinet 
Diamond Marcano 
Cory Campitella 
Stephen Bendziewicz 
Austin Scircle 
Tucker Lawson 
Campbell Cox
Joe James
Matthew Yochum
Tyler Woolley
Jordan Crosby
Connor Hopkins

Class of 2017 



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