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6,276 constituents
238 current students
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Office of Admission contact
Mary Helen Garrett
Admission counselor

Alumni Hosts
Penny and Buster Beacham ’66
Miriam and James Brice ’86
Jennifer ’92 and Mark Browning ’89
Jeanna and Paul Chambers ’91
Jill and Tom Coker ’73
Jennifer and Patrick Fant ’88
Harriet and Andy Goldsmith ’68
Katherine and Perry Gravely ’83
Nancy and Jack Griffieth ’73
Suzanne and Alex Kiriakides ’78
Jane and Forrest Long ’77
Cami and Tim Madden ’85
Becky and Alf Ruff ’66
Betsy and Matt Shouse ’91
Nina and David Williams ’76
Elizabeth and Jim Yarbrough ’89

Young Alumni Hosts
Marina and Jordan Goewey ’16
Jake Brice ’18
Will Sawyer ’18