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Wofford College and the National Survey of Student Engagement

Wofford College and the
National Survey of Student Engagement

 NSSE LogoWofford College is pleased to share its results from the 2016 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). Wofford actively uses the NSSE results to evaluate and improve the educational experience for all its students. Wofford is committed to the concept of "institutional transparency" as advocated by NSSE creator George Kuh. You are invited to look through many of Wofford's findings from the NSSE by clicking on one of the four NSSE themes below.


NSSE Themes

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Academic Challenge

Just how challenging is Wofford when compared to other schools? Let the figures speak for themselves.

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Learning with Peers

Find out if Wofford students are actively involved in their learning and if they collaborate with other students.

Professor working with student on writing

Experiences with Faculty

Wofford students and faculty pride themselves on the relationships that develop inside and outside of the classroom.

Student conversing with faculty members

Campus Environment

Wofford is committed to student success and believes that students perform better when they are in a supportive campus environment.