Wofford ID

Web: wofford.edu/student-experiences/campus-safety/policies-and-procedures
Email: campussafety@wofford.edu

Phone: 864-597-4350
Location: Campus Life Building

Your Wofford ID card is your official identification. It gives you access to everything you need on campus, including your residence hall, dining, athletic events and the library. Your ID card also enables you to add Terrier Bucks for additional food options both on and off campus.

You will receive your Wofford ID card when you move-in for the fall semester, but you can upload the photo that will be used on your ID through myWofford -> FYI -> FYI Checklist -> Wofford ID Photo Upload Form. Your Wofford ID photo will also be used for academic purposes so please be aware that your advisors, professors and other College personnel will see the photo you submit. There is no charge for your first ID card.

Guidelines for Your ID Photo

You are required to submit a photo for your Wofford College student ID card. This photo will be used for the college yearbook as well as academic purposes. The photo must clearly identify you.

Please follow these guidelines when selecting and uploading your photo:
  • Select a color photo in passport photo style. Only your head and shoulders should be shown. The shot should have been taken within the past six months.
  • The photo must be taken in portrait orientation.
  • Your full face and head must be shown, and your head and body must be facing forward. (No sunglasses, hats, avoid reflections in eyeglasses.)
  • The photo’s background should be white or a light neutral solid color. There should be no objects in the background or foreground, no watermarks, and no textures, including trees or brick walls.
  • Photos taken by a typical smartphone are acceptable. Submitted photos must be at least 3 megapixels (MP) resolution or higher. Don’t crop or zoom photos.

ID photo guidelines

Your photo must be approved by June 30. If your photo does not meet the guidelines above, you will be asked to submit another one.

Students without an approved photo by June 30, will experience a delayed check-in process by having an ID made upon arrival.