Required Courses and Elective Options

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First-Year Class Schedule Overview
Required Courses
Liberal Arts Seminar (LIBA) (see course descriptions) 101
First-Year Interaction (FYI) 101
Foreign Language (Various) Based on Placement
Elective Options (general education and/or introduction to major)
Fine Art
Art History (ARTH) 200-level
Studio Art (ARTS) 200-level
Music (MUS) 200-level
Theatre (THEA) 200-level
Social Science
Anthropology (ANTH) 200-level
Economics 200-level
Education (EDUC) 200-level
Government (GOV) 200-level
International Affairs (INTL) 200-level
Sociology (SOC) 200-level
Specific Departments
History (HIST) 100-level
Religion (REL) 200-level
Philosophy (PHIL) 200-level
Mathematics (MATH) 100- or 200-level
Natural Science
Biology (BIO) 100-level
Chemistry (CHEM) 100-level
Computer Science (COSC) 100-level
Environmental Studies (ENVS) 100-level
Physics (PHY) 100-level
Psychology (PSY) 100-level