Class Schedule Plan Instructions

The Class Schedule Plan (CSP) is YOUR plan for the class you want to take in the fall. You are creating a plan of courses with the specific days and times you would like to take them. The plan does NOT guarantee a seat in the courses. You are NOT registering for courses at this time. You are doing the ground work to simplify registration which will take place during the last week of July. Your plan must include a few specific courses, but the rest is up to your interests and preferences.

Creating Your Class Schedule Plan

You will create your plan through myWofford. You can access registration a number of ways, but as a first-year student you can visit My Class Schedule Plan and click “Create My Plan.”
  1. Click on Plan Ahead.
  2. Select Fall 2022 from the dropdown.
  3. Search for and select the sections of the courses you want to add to your plan
    1. FYI 101, LIBA 101 and your modern language course (based on your placement) need to be on your plan. View required courses and elective options, course recommendations by major and LIBA 101 course descriptions.
    2. You should have between 12 and 16 credit hours on your plan.

Check your Class Schedule Plan for Errors

You need to resolve any errors prior to submitting your plan. Plans with errors will not be approved.
  1. Once your plan is complete, return to My Class Schedule Plan.
  2. Any errors will display below the courses on your plan.
  3. If you have errors, you may want to click on the common registration errors link which will outline how to resolve each error.
  4. To resolve errors, click on “Create My Plan” which will return you to your plan so that you can make the necessary changes.

Submit Your Plan for Approval

  1. When you do not have errors, you are ready to submit your plan for approval by clicking on “My Schedule Plan is Ready for Review.”
  2. Your academic advisor will review your plan and email you at your address.
  3. When your plan is approved, your advising hold will be released and you are ready for registration!
  4. View the Registration Videos or review the Registration Instructions.