The program in neuroscience at Wofford is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the biology and psychology departments. This means that, while you major in either biology or psychology, you take classes in both departments coupled with experimental training and research seminars in areas such as molecular neurobiology, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and behavioral levels.

Tyler Nelson

“As a Ph.D. neuroscience student in the Center for Neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh, “I am beginning my third year of my doctoral training program with a research focus on the neurobiology of chronic pain. My research focuses on modulation of spinal cord interneurons to alleviate neuropathic pain. The neuroscience courses I took at Wofford College as a student in the Program for Neuroscience gave me a solid foundation for my graduate coursework and research. My significant exposure to laboratory research as an undergraduate assisted me in my research rotations in the first year of my Ph.D. program. The emphasis on neuroscience specific primary literature in Wofford’s Neuroscience seminar courses also gave me additional experience in dissecting primary literature that has been invaluable throughout graduate school.”

Liz Hamel

“As a graduate student in the Ph.D. neuroscience program at the Florida State University, I was introduced to the neuroscience program by Dr. Dave Pittman after working in his lab my sophomore year. I am so thankful that I had that opportunity because without it I have no doubt that I would not be where I am today. The work I did in Dr. Pittman’s lab heavily translates to much of what I do now, and the classes I took at Wofford prepared me better than I could have imagined for graduate school. I remember the program required two semesters of weekly seminars in which we would read and review scientific articles in a small group. It was by far the most useful course I took at Wofford and taught me not only how to analyze literature, but also to discuss it in an educational setting. We also got to learn about the latest research and technologies in the neuroscience field. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to pursue a future in medicine or science!”