Sandor Teszler Library

 Meet the Writing Center Tutors

Anna Aguillard is a junior majoring in English and Government.  Because she loves being ridiculously busy and learning new things, she hopes to pursue a career in political journalism or mass media.  She is currently the President of Zeta Tau Alpha, the Vice President of the Edward K. Harding Pre-Law Society, and a Staff Reporter for the Old Gold and Black. If she's not busy doing any of those things, she's probably in her cube reading human interest articles on the internet (Buzzfeed).

Taylor Alexander is a senior majoring in English and French. Nowadays, you will mostly find him balancing his schoolwork and the existential delights of the post-graduation job search, all while engrossed in discovering the lastest in alternative music.  On warm, sunny weekends, he likes to hike near the Greenville and Asheville areas.  After graduating he hopes to teach English abroad, partially out of a selfish motivation to improve his French at the same time.

Aubrey Cain is a sophomore majoring in Biology and English. She is terribly indecisive, apparent by her inability to pursue just a BS or a BA. However, she is certain that after graduation, she will either be attending medical school or pursuing a graduate degree in film studies. In addition to her conflicting love for science and the arts, she also enjoys staying active and eating excessive amounts of queso.

Geophrey Darrow is an English major with a Government minor in his second year at Wofford. He has interests in professional creative writing with the long-term goal of a career in that field.  His other interests include studying renaissance poetry and hanging out in Lothlorien.

Leanna Herbert is a senior English and Spanish major with a creative writing concentration and no post-grad plans.  She is a Spanish tutor and Alpha Phi Omega's secretary, but mostly she loves traveling, furthering her education, or Netflix when the first two are out of the question.  One of her #goals is to read the entire Barnes and Noble classics shelf.

Katherine Howell, a junior from Greenville, South Carolina, is an English and Government double major.  Her extracurricular activities include designing pages for the Bohemian yearbook staff, serving through Arcadia Volunteer Corps, and participating in the RUF Ministry Team.  Katherine is passionate about classical novels, 80s independent rock music, and her family.  After graduating from Wofford, she aspires to attend law school with hopes of finding employment within the government sector as a legal counsel or political speechwriter.

Aaliyah Keels, a sophomore from Blythewood, South Carolina, is majoring in Biology and possibly minoring in Finance.  She loves playing basketball, watching horror films, and all things pertaining to Justin Timberlake or Beyonce. After graduating from Wofford, she plans to reward herself with another 4 years of medical school.

Addie Lawrence is a junior and a double major in English and Philosophy.  She writes for the Old Gold & Black and spends her free time adventuring, traveling, or reading novels. One day she hopes to drink black coffee and watch the sunrise.

Caleb Pierce is a sophomore majoring in philosophy and math.  He writes for the Old Gold and Black and dabbles in translation, music, and the spewing of absurdities. He likes reading, the outdoors, movies, language, and scootering on the dawn of a typhoon day.  He does not have any long term plans, but is currently seeking to grow his brain in as many ways as possible while ferreting away a buck or two.