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Marti, Raymond (13th Century)

Pugio Fidei. Paris, Mathew H**ault, 1653. 783 pp. plus comm. 2nd ed. Folio, leather.
Text in Latin and Hebrew. No leather on spine

Hand-lettered inscriptions: Note that book came from the estate of Rev. C. McLeod, 1892 on cover verso.


Raymond Marti was a 13th Century Dominican apologist, learned in Hebrew and Arabic. Jamie the Conqueror commissioned him to extract from all Hebrew books injuries to the Virgin, blasphemies, etc. His knowledge of dogma was prodigious, and in his works he constantly refuted the tenets of Judaism and Islam. Pugio Fidei was written between 1276 and 1278 and was his major work. In manuscript form, it lay unbeknownst until discovered by Voison. Carsov published it in Liqzig in 1667. In the 1907 edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia, the book is condemned.