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Title Page of Gunpouder Sermon

One of many decorative initials throughout text. The illustrations, however, do not relate to the subject matter of Andrewes' sermons.


Andrewes, Lancelot (1555-1626)

XCVI Sermons (edited by Laud and Buckenridge) London, Richard Badger, 1628? 1631? or later reprint? 1004 pp., folio. Leather, rebound. Incomplete copy-fly-leaves, title page and pages 1-156 missing.

Hand-lettered inscriptions: note by W. Capers (celebrated Methodist prelate of the South Carolina Conference, 1790-1855 who died a Bishop) on fly-leaf dated December 26, 1832. Also note by V. C.


Lancelot Andrews was an eminent preacher and friend of such scholars as Isaac Casaubon and Francis Bacon. A son of a tradesman, he attended Cambridge. Periodically promoted through the Anglican hierarchy through the influence of powerful friends, he eventually rose to the See of Winchester as Bishop. Named in 1607 to the committee charged to produce the Authorized Version of the Bible, he worked on the Pentateuch and the historical books from Joshua to I Chronicles. His knowledge of 15 languages contributed to his competence in the translations. Such worthies as Fracis Bacon consulted him; and Milton, before his conversion to Puritanism, alluded to him in a poem. A spell-binding orator, he was “an angel of the pulpit’. Queen Elizabeth was one of his most avid auditors. He fashioned an apology for the oath of allegiance promulgated by James I after the panic of the Gunpowder Plot. This work was published by special command of the King. (DNB)

Listings: Lowndes, STC 606, 607, 608 or 609