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Wofford College
Honor Council Application

Deadline: 5:00 pm Friday, March 2nd

The Honor Council, a component of the student government at Wofford College, administers the provisions of the Honor Code. The Council is composed of fifteen students. Members of the Honor Council are selected each spring. Students interested in being considered for selection to the Honor Council, must complete the following questionnaire and submit it by the published deadline.  In addition, candidates for selection must have two recommendations, one from a student and one from a faculty/staff member. Please have the recommendations submitted through the following link: https://www.wofford.edu/judicialCommission/HonorCouncilRecommendation/

The applicants are screened by the Council’s Electoral Board which consists of the outgoing chair of the Judicial Commission, the four outgoing officers of the Campus Union, the six outgoing senior delegates of the Campus Union, the Dean of Students, and two members of the faculty. The Board will pass the names of those applicants it approves to the six outgoing members of the Honor Council who will elect from those approved by the Board the Honor Council members. In making its selection of new members of the Honor Council, the Board and the seniors on the Council give primary consideration to a candidate’s moral character and commitment to the promotion of academic honesty.

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Current Class at Wofford  
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Cumulative GPA
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1- Have you ever been found in violation of an academic honor code at Wofford or any other institution? 
If yes, please explain this violation:

2- Have you ever been found in violation of the Wofford College Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities
If yes, please explain this violation:

3- Have you ever been arrested or found guilty in any criminal proceeding? 
If yes, please explain this violation:

4- Please list the organizations at Wofford of which you are member and note any leadership positions that you have or are holding in those organizations:

5- Please list any awards or honors  you have received since graduating from high school.

6- Why do you want to serve on the Wofford College Honor Council?

7- Members of the Honor Council serve as prosecutors, student advocates, and judges for students violating our Honor Code. How would you serve in these different roles, especially in a case which involved a close peer?

8- Describe in detail a time when you have demonstrated the values of honesty and integrity.

9- What skills/strengths do you possess and how would they enhance your service to the Honor Council?

10- How will you manage your time to be a contributing member of the Honor Council?

11- Name of faculty or staff member will will be submitting a recommendation

12- Name of student who will be submitting a recommendation

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