Health & Safety

Zlatin BicycleThe well-being of our students is of utmost priority at Wofford College. Working with our Health Services staff, we offer an orientation every semester which prepares our students for a healthy overseas experience. During this session, we discuss important issues such as travel safety, prescriptions overseas, culture shock, staff resources on-site, and insurance abroad. Counseling services are also available through Health Services for additional assistance in preparing for a term abroad. The Office of International Programs believes that pre-departure preparation is essential in maximing the overseas experience.

Wofford partners with programs which share in our philosophy of supporting students throughout their term abroad. Each program offers pre-departure support, ranging from ensuring proper accommodations on-site for students with special needs to an extensive orientation upon arrival. On-site staff includes a director or coordinator who advises on academic matters, student services personnel who assist in housing, navigating the host culture, seeking medical attention when needed, and other support staff. All programs require insurance abroad as well as a cell phone for safety reasons.