How Interim Works

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How Interim fits into the academic calendar

Wofford operates under the 4-1-4 academic calendar with the month of January designed as Interim. Each Wofford student must complete and pass four Interim projects (one for each full-time year or equivalent at Wofford) to graduate.


Most Interim projects use Pass with Honors (H), Pass (P) and Unsatisfactory (U) as grades to evaluate student work. Some projects, however, use the standard A-F scale. H, P and U grades do not enter into calculations of GPA, but all A-F grades do.

Credit hours

Credit hours earned in Interim projects may be applied only to Interim requirements, certain Teacher Education program requirements for students in the program, and hours for graduation; they cannot be used to satisfy any portion of General Education or major requirements. A student may register for credit in only one project per Interim period and will not be granted extra credit for taking more than one. He or she may not repeat for credit any project in which he or she has participated previously (H/P/F graded or A-F graded, in which the students has received the grade of F). When engaged in Interim, students may not undertake any other work for academic credit with the exception of a Physical Education course.


It is usually possible for students to be enrolled in one of their preferences among the group projects, but all enrolling is subject to these conditions:

  • In all questions of a student's eligibility for a given project, it is understood that all academic, procedural, financial, and other prerequisites must be met, and that in some cases the approval of the project instructor(s) is required as well.
  • Student-initiated independent projects and participation in them or in projects at other colleges require the approval of the Committee on the Interim.
  • Any project may be cancelled if not enough students are enrolled in it to make it practicable.
  • An initial priority for enrollment in projects of their choice will normally be given to qualifying seniors.
  • Maximum enrollments as published for each project are not to be exceeded.

Types of Experiences

Refund Policy

For on-campus Interim courses that require participants to pay additional fees, the deadline to drop the on-campus Interim course without risk of financial penalty is Friday, December 7, 2018. In the event a student wishes to drop an on-campus Interim course after this date, the student will be permitted to drop or add any Interim course by visiting the Office of the Registrar in person; however, the student will remain liable for the course fee associated with the Interim course that was dropped, as well as any additional fee associated with the Interim course added. Interim travel/study project deposits are considered non-refundable unless the applicant is not accepted to participate or the program is cancelled. Students who are not admitted may elect to apply for a second travel/study program choice or request that their deposit be refunded or destroyed. 

Paying for Interim

On-campus tuition, room and board is included during the Interim as part of the fall tuition and fees. Most Interims, however, require additional program fees, and students participating in travel/study Interims incur much larger expenses. Each Interim proposal makes these fees clear from the start.

Each Interim project is to be self-sustaining financially, with any necessary project costs being borne by the students participating. In the case of projects involving major travel and living expenses, it is understood that the instructors' expenses are borne, on a pro-rated basis, by the student participants.

To help with the cost of Interim travel and study, the college offers several Wofford Travel Grants:

  • The Ruth O. and Joab M. Lesesne Foreign Study Assistance Fund - this fund provides assistance to student participating in credit-bearing educational programs overseas. These awards were established in honor of Wofford President Emeritus Joab M. Lesesne and his wife Ruth O. Lesesne to make it possible for students to integrate a focused program of study overseas into the Wofford curriculum.
  • 21st Century Boarding Pass
  • The Class of 1994 Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The Morris Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The Javan I and Lois N. Shedd Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The Walter E. Hudgins Travel Grant and Award Fund

Other travel grants (for summer and semester study, primarily):

  • The Guy M. and Agnes Majes Nelson Endowed Scholarship Fund for Foreign Study
  • The Road Less Traveled Grant (specific non-traditional locations only) 

To apply for a Wofford Travel Grant, please click here.

Grants have ranged from $500 to $1,500. This application does not substitute for the Travel/Study Project Application for Interim. Financial need and academic merit are the principle considerations in awarding these grants. To be considered for a merit-only award, students must have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA.

First-year students are permitted to participate in faculty-led travel projects and those sponsored by Wofford’s study abroad partners. They may also propose their own independent projects to be completed on campus or within the Spartanburg area.

Forms and releases

Forms are divided into the sections below:

Overseas or Domestic Travel/Study group Interim projects

Students participating in Overseas or Domestic Travel/Study group Interim projects should log in to their Wofford online application to access their pre-departure forms. All forms must be submitted to the Office of International Programs by the deadline indicated.

All students will be covered by Wofford International Insurance or the study abroad organization's insurance (when appropriate). Information about Wofford's International Insurance coverage can be found online

All students participating in a domestic or overseas travel/study project continue to be governed by the rules and regulations of both the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities and the Wofford College Honor Code.

The required forms for Interim travel/study projects are all downloadable and must be completed, signed properly and received by Wofford College before any student may be cleared for participation in the Interim travel/study project in which the student is enrolled.

The proper completion of each of the forms — except the Medical Form — requires the signature of a parent or guardian, whether or not the student is 21 years of age or older. For the release, the student must sign, with both the student's signature and parent or guardian's signature being properly witnessed and dated. The Statement of Good Health is to be signed by the examining physician.

Student should carefully review with their parents the Refund Policy, which must also be signed and returned. 

Students participating in Independent Interim projects  

Students participating in an independent project (numbered 200-299) should complete the required Independent Interim Travel Registration and enter appropriate dates of travel. As part of this registration, students also are required to submit the Interim release (found via the travel registration website). The release is downloadable and must be completed, signed properly and received by Wofford College before any student may be cleared for participation in the Independent project in which the student is enrolled. Note: Students traveling overseas will be billed $110 for the College's Risk Management fee (this includes international insurance.)  

Students participating in on-campus Interim projects that require off-campus activity  

If you are participating in an on-campus project that requires off campus activity (check the web descriptions), you must turn in to your faculty project sponsor the following document:

Interim Release

The document is downloadable and must be completed, signed properly and received by Wofford College before any student may be cleared for participation in an on-campus project in which the student is enrolled.

Please execute and return promptly to your project sponsor.  The documents must be on file in the Office of the Interim Coordinator (Dr. A.K. Anderson) before Interim begins.

Other Forms  

Independent Interim Evaluation