Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should my student join a Greek organization?  

Joining a fraternity or sorority is a great way to become involved in campus life. Greek Life is an opportunity to become a lifelong member of a national organization, and through that common bond, students can develop friendships that also last a lifetime. Greek organizations allow members the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills, serve their community through philanthropy and service projects, and the potential to network with faculty, staff, and alumni.

How much does it typically cost?  

There is a financial commitment associated with joining a fraternity or sorority, including costs for Inter/National fees, chapter operating expenses and social functions. Financial obligations differ among individual chapters, and additional costs may occur throughout the semester for meals, pictures, gifts, parties, t-shirts, etc. Payment plans and scholarships are usually available, depending on the chapter. Always talk to a new member educator or another appropriate officer within the chapter to discuss other options.

Does hazing still exist during the new member process?  

Wofford College has a zero-tolerance policy regarding hazing and enforces all South Carolina state laws as well as Federal laws regarding hazing. Hazing may include any person or activity causing or permitting a person, incident to initiation or membership in a society, club or similar organized group, to participate in any activity that subjects that person or others to risks of physical injury or mental distress or personal indignities of any offensive nature. Whether or not such persons have consented to participation in the activity, it is strictly prohibited. Please refer to our Hazing Policy for more information, including how to report hazing incidents.

How can membership in a fraternity or sorority contribute to my student’s academics?  

Sororities and fraternities can serve as a great academic resource for their members through study hours and tutoring programs. Most chapters have a GPA requirement for initial membership as well as for remaining an active member. Because the Greek community puts so much emphasis on scholastic achievement, chapters usually have a higher cumulative grade point average than the non-affiliated students, and has established Order of Omega to recognize the outstanding members of our Greek community.