Reasons to Join 

Each of our organizations set high standards of scholarship for its members.  Through our chapters you will find a variety of tools to help you succeed academically on campus.  Tutors, study halls, academic programming and much more are a basis of being Greek here on campus.  Our chapters strive to hold members accountable to these high standards.  As a Greek Community we also honor those students who have attained high scholarship success through the Order of Omega honor society. 

This is one of the biggest benefits of joining a Greek organization.  Each member has the opportunity to join committees or gain leadership positions that will benefit and enhance their Greek experience as well as their skillset for the workplace.  Our members learn important skills such as balancing a budget, motivating peers, planning workshops, communication skills and much more! 

Philanthropic efforts and service are pillars for our organizations.  Each one of our chapters has a national philanthropy that is supported by chapters across the country and world.  Many of our chapters here at Wofford have taken their service to a whole new level and have established relationships with local organizations.  Many of our Greek men and women believe this to be the most important aspect of their organization.  Also as a Greek Community, we also proudly partner with Area 12 Special Olympics.  During the past several academic years, Greek organizations have raised over $10,000 and held multiple events with the Area 12 athletes!

Joining our Greek Community here at Wofford will provide a community that you will be connected to for a lifetime.  These bonds between our members create friendships that will last a lifetime.   You will also be connected to an alumni network that is very strong and can serve as role models and mentors throughout your Wofford career and beyond.