Adopted unanimously at the 1989 NPC Biennial Conference, these are the rights guaranteed to you as a potential new member on any college campus. It is the responsibility of the Panhellenic Council, your Gamma Chi (recruitment counselor), and each member organization to ensure that these rights are protected.

Every potential new member has the right to:
1.  To be treated as an individual.
2.  The right to be fully informed about the Recruitment process
3.  The right to ask questions and receive true and objective answers from Gamma Chis and members.
4.  The right to be treated with respect.
5.  The right to be treated as a capable and mature person without being patronized.
6.  The right to ask ‘how’ and ‘why’ and receive straight answers
7.  The right to have and express opinions to Gamma Chis.
8.  The right to have inviolable confidentiality when sharing information with Gamma Chis
9.  The right to make informed choices without undue pressure from others.
10. The right to be fully informed about the binding agreements implicit in the preference card signing.
11. The right to make ones' own choice and decision and accept full responsibility for the results of that decision.
12. The right to have a positive, safe, and enriching recruitment and pledging experience.