Tower at Glendale

Historic Views of Glendale Shoals

Various postcard views of Glendale. More will be added! [Click on image for larger view.]

/uploadedImages/glendaleShoals/GlendaleCottonMill(1).jpg   An early 19th century postcard view of the mill at Glendale.

Early 19th century view from trolly tracks of the village of Glendale.

/uploadedImages/glendaleShoals/GlendaleTrolley(1).jpg   The trolley crossing the upper shoals on Lawson's Fork above Glendale.
/uploadedImages/glendaleShoals/glendale(2).jpg   A n early 19th century view of Glendale Shoals and mill from east side of the creek.
/uploadedImages/glendaleShoals/glendale mill on fire.jpg  A photograph of the mill burning in March of 2004.