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Inspire others with your story

"Why I Give to Wofford" is an opportunity for anyone connected to Wofford to share their thoughts about why supporting the college is important. In sharing your story, you may help inspire others to give!

  • Were you inspired by a favorite teacher or staff member?
  • Did a scholarship allow you to attend the college?
  • Did your Wofford education prepare you for a rewarding career (or for life in general)?
  • If you're a Wofford parent, friend or employee, what inspires you to give to the college?

Please fill in the form below with your thoughts, stories, anecdotes and memories. Answer any or all of the questions.

We'd also like to feature your photograph, so don't forget to e-mail one with your submission.
After you submit the form, you'll be able to approve your "story" before its posted on the Giving website.

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1. What is your favorite Wofford memory?  
2. Who was your favorite Wofford teacher or staff member
   (and why?)
3. How did Wofford prepare you for the world beyond college?  
4. What is it like to be a part of the Wofford community?  
5. Why do you financially support Wofford College?  
6. Why should others support Wofford?  
7. Please write additional comments or thoughts here: