The Benjamin Wofford Society (formerly the Legacy Society) recognizes those individuals who have made the ultimate expression of their faith in the College by remembering Wofford in their estate plans. The Society is comprised of individuals who have provided the future of the College by planned gifts such as charitable requests, life income plans, gift annuities, pooled income fund contributions, and life insurance designations. By confirming to the college the establishment of such plans, the following individuals are recognized as members of the Benjamin Wofford Society.

For more information, please contact Lisa DeFreitas, Director of Gift Planning, at 864-597-4203 or  

 Benjamin Wofford Society Members:



Maryann C. Abbott

Kinli and Matt Abee

Richard C. Adkins

Marianne J. Bagwell

Mrs. Mason M. Barrett

Kenneth and Peggy Barton

Dr. Erin Bentrim

Peter D. Berry

Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Bethea

Cecil and Pamela Bond

Marshall W. Breland

William P. Brickle

Christopher Brownlee

Ken and Martha Ann Campbell

DeArmond E. Canaday

Dr. William M. Cannon

John Robert Capes

Marion Chandler

Alec H. Chaplin

Cermette and Anne Maner Clardy

Sally and Jerry Cogan

Mrs. William H. Cogswell, III

Emily and Wiley Cooper

Jesse C. Crimm

Robert C. Deale, III

C. Warren Derrick

Dr. and Mrs. Don C. Dodson

Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. DuBard, Jr.

J. Madison Dye

Mark R. Erbe

Edward S. Ervin III

Dr. Bill Evins

Billy Ezell

Don P. Ferguson, Sr.

Dr. Donald L. Fowler

Elaine T. Freeman

Ted Hamilton & Mary Louise Gaines

Inez and Jim Golden

Dr. Gene W. Grace

Albert W. Gray, Sr.

H. Davis Green, Jr.

Rob and Marie Gregory

Dixie Griffin

James R. and Kay H. Gross

Allen S. Guignard



Bob and Sara Gunter

James R. Hackney, Jr.

Ed Y. Hall

Mrs. Anne Hames

M.P. “Red” Hamilton

Joe W. Hamrick

Jay and Julie Harding

Richard E. Hollis

Peter and Zelda Howell

Alan Hutchins

Ronald and Judith Ingle

Dr. William F. James

Dr. William Webb Johnston

Drs. Andrew H. and Ellen Kang

Dr. Ann J. Kelly

Kathy King

William L Kinney, Jr.

Jim and Shirley Kirby

Paul D. Kountz, Jr.

Mark H. Lee

Walt W. Leonard

John and Pam Linton

Armando G. Llorente

J. Grady Locklear

Freda and Al Lynch

Larry and Rachel McCalla

Hubbard W. McDonald

Laurence and Frances McIntosh

Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. McLeod, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Dan B. Maultsby

Mrs. Jan Ruth S. Mayheu

Melvin D. Medlock

Mrs. Beverly M. Minter

Milton P. Moore

Dr. and Mrs. Ted R. Morton, Jr.

Jeff D. Moss

M. Stewart Mungo

Steven W. Mungo

David L. Neugent

Harry and Bobbie Nix

Dan W. & Betty Poteat Olds

Mr. Joseph H. Owens

Liz and Dwight Patterson

Ann and Pepe Perron

Heather M. Onstott

Dixie and Bobby Pinson

Mrs. John H. Pitts

Dr. Harold E. Plaster, Jr.

Charles and Mary Sue Poole

Mr. and Mrs. L. Perrin Powell

The Hon. O. Eugene Powell Jr.

Joe O. Price, Jr.

Hunter C. Quick

Russell R. Raines

Dan W. Rigby, Jr.

Bobby C. Roberts

Betty Robinson

Ron Robinson

DuPre Sassard

Charles W. Saunders, Jr.

March E. Seabrook

Harry Shaw

Mrs. Katrina Spencer-Silverstein

Darwin and Bonnie Simpson

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Stallworth

Frank C. Stanton, Sr.

Ken Steen

Willie G. Stevens

Grady and Sybil Stewart

Allen H. Stokes

Mr.and Mrs. James Stuckey, Jr.

Jean Sydnor

Carol and George Tate

Thomas L. and Lucy Scales Tiller

Mr. and Mrs. G. Cameron Todd, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Traywick

Gregory Lee & Eleanor Breazeale Troutman

Esther H. Verstegen

Marshall T. Walsh

Dr. W. Carl Walsh

Theodore W. Walter

Charles Raymond West

Thomas J., Jr. and Kathryn  G. Westbury

D. Wayne Whetsell

Henry B. Wilkinson

Harry Williams

Elizabeth and Will Willimon

Patsy and Will Willimon

Dr. and Mrs. William C. Wilson

Dennis M. and Ana Marie Wiseman

Carl and Angela Young