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Fit to Give 

Welcome to Fit to Give, a new fitness program for Wofford faculty and staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Fit to Give? Fit to Give is a fitness program for Wofford faculty and staff. Participants will work to increase daily activity (tracked by Fitbit devices).
  2. When does the challenge begin and end? We have multiple challenges which we will announce on either Daily Announcements or on the FitBit Fit to Give group site. So stay tuned for those challenges
  3. Why should I participate? By participating, you'll have the opportunity to improve your daily activity with support from fellow faculty and staff. You also receive a FitBit free of charge or at a discounted price.
  4. How do I register? Click here to register. 
  5. How much will the Fitbit cost me? The Fitbit Zip (retail value of $59.95) is available at no cost to you as long as you complete the challenge (defined as tracking steps for at least 42 days of the challenge period). The Fitbit One and the Fitbit Flex (retail values of $99.95) are available at a cost of $34.  The Fitbit charge is available at a cost of $64.
  6. What if I already have a Fitbit? That’s terrific! You don't need to order a new Fitbit. Simply register here and then join our activity group “Wofford College Fit to Give” on the Fitbit website.
  7. What if I lose or break my Fitbit? Devices that are lost or broken can be replaced at the following rates: $38 for a Zip or $64 for Flex or One. 
  8. Which device is better? Each person has different preferences. You can visit the Fitbit website ( to learn more about each model and which one might be best for you. 
  9. Will Fitbit work with my smartphone? Yes, there is an app available for the iPhone and Android phones.
  10. What if I forget to wear my Fitbit some days? As soon as you remember please put your Fitbit back on. All of the challenges are for multiple days so that if someone forgets, has a bad day, or is sick they can still compete with the others.
  11. Do I get to keep my Fitbit when the challenge is over? Yes, it belongs to you! We hope that you will continue to monitor yourself and encourage your colleagues to keep moving.
  12. Can I try out the different models? We suggest that you talk to members of the community who already have Fitbit devices and make your decision carefully. You can visit the Fitbit website ( to learn more about each model and which one might be best for you. Once you have set-up your device it cannot be exchanged.
  13. Is there a tutorial on how to use a Fitbit? Yes, it is available on the Fitbit website ( when you log in to set-up your device. Once you have set-up an account there is further help on the dashboard under settings.