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Fun Run 2013 

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Shoals Fun Run Information

TowerFierce Green Fire (FGF), Wofford’s sustainability club, is hosting the second annual Shoals Fun Run on November 2, 2013 (rain check November 9, 2013). The run will be held at the Goodall Environmental Studies Center at the Glendale Shoals in Glendale, SC. It’s located on three acres along Lawsons Fork Creek in eastern Spartanburg County. The trail for the Shoals Fun Run will lead participants through the Glendale neighborhood and along the scenic view of Lawsons Fork Creek and hiking trails. All proceeds and donations received from the run will go towards organizing this event and towards funding FGF sustainability projects.

If you are looking for a good time and fun activities to do with friends and family, come out to the 2nd annual Shoals Fun Run and explore Glendale! You can come and run, kayak, rock climb, check out the Hub City Mobile Market, and/or walk along the banks of Lawsons Fork Creek and along the pedestrian bridge overlooking the dam and the creek. Below is more details of each activity. 

Date and Time:
Saturday, November 2, 2013
Race Starts at 10:00am

Run- $15

T-shirt- $15 (must register by October 17th to be guaranteed a t-shirt)

Kayak Trip- $15 

Rock Climbing (1.5 Hours)- $15

Waiver will be available upon arrival.
Email questions to jonesjs@email.wofford.edu.

Fun Run Specifics

The run begins at 10:00 am in front of the Glendale post office. All runners please meet inside the Goodall Environmental Studies Center (building in front of the post office) to sign in and pick up your bibs. Several signs will guide you along the 2 mile trail, leading you through the Glendale neighborhood and through the woods.

The kayak trip will take approximately one hour to complete. You will have a tour guide who will teach you how to kayak safely and allow you to test yourself by paddling through a channel with rushing water and sharp rocks. While it is your choice to take the challenge, we highly recommend you give it a try! As you paddle up the creek, Bob will explain the history of the land and how Wofford came to be a part of this community. 

Rock Climbing
Rock WallThe neighboring Glendale Outdoor Leadership School, will be holding the rock climbing portion of our event indoors. The building is just a short walk from the Goodall Center. The rock climbing offers a variety of levels of climbing from first timers to experienced climbers. This is our first year offering this part of the event and hope that you will love it!

Hub City Mobile Market
This year we are working to support local farmers in the Spartanburg Area by bringing in the Hub City Mobile Market. The truck will be arriving around 12:30pm and will stay until 2:00pm, offering fresh autumn and winter crops.

Map and Directions

Address for Glendale Shoals:
351 Broadway Street
Glendale, SC 29346

Google Map Directions from Wofford  (GPS Signal in Glendale can be weak for some carriers. If you aren't sure how to get there you may want to consider printing directions in advance)

Trail Map (click for larger version)
/uploadedImages/academics/environmentalStudies/2Mile_w_numbers (1).jpg 

About Us

Fierce Green Fire (FGF) is a group of students focused on spreading knowledge and raising awareness about sustainability at Wofford and in the surrounding community. FGF was established because students asked for a club on campus to be focused on environmental aspects such as sustainability issues and practices. Many members asked for there to be a club where environmental studies majors, the faculty of the environmental department, and others who are interested in sustainability can congregate outside of the classroom and do hands-on projects on and off campus to promote sustainability. FGF welcomes all majors and faculty members to collaborate on these projects and activities to raise awareness and educate ourselves, the campus, and our community about sustainability.

Our most recent project is promoting and educating about recycling during Wofford’s football tailgating. Each home game, our group gathers next to the student gate, and each volunteer receives clear trash bags and recycling flyers to pass along to Trailtailgaters. The group asks the tailgaters to use the bags for all of their recyclables such as aluminum cans, plastics, paper, cardboard, and glass. Last year, these designated bags were left at the tailgate site and picked up by the maintenance staff, then recycled.

We will continue the tailgate recycling program this coming football season with guidance from Junk Matters, LLC. This year, Junk Matters is involved in a zerowaste initiative within the stadium. Everything purchased in the stadium (including cans, bottles, cups, candy wrappers, etc) will be separated as compostable and recyclable items, and there will be stations of compostable and recyclable bins for these items to be discarded in. Volunteers, including FGF members, will man the bins during the tailgating before the game and in the stadiums during the game, at least for the first few games, to educate on what is recyclable and what is compostable.

FGF also participates in Wofford events such as the Halloween Carnival and Terrier Play Day to play fun sustainability games with children from local elementary schools. Our favorite game to play with them is recycling cornhole, where the kids must throw bean bags representing recyclables (i.e. plastic bottles, soda cans, paper) into the appropriate holes representing sorted recycling bins.

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