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Communication Studies

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Program Overview

A major in Communication Studies is not available at Wofford, but the courses offered provide background, training, and experience in communication skills and disciplines which are among those most essential in professional life, community service, and personal development.  The courses in Communications, listed below, are part of the curriculum offered by the Department of English.


C. Michael Curtis, Professor of English, Senior Editor for The Atlantic Monthly 

John Miles, Assistant Professor of English
B.A., UNC Wilmington, M.A., North Carolina State University, Ph.D., University of New Mexico

Linda Powers, Coordinator and Instructor in English
B.A., University of Miami; M.A.T., Converse College; M.A., University of South Carolina

Carol B. Wilson, Associate Professor of English
B.A., Wofford College; M.A., Ph.D., University of South Carolina


English 381,382, 383 - Business and Professional Communication 
A series of three one-credit-hour courses offered sequentially during one semester.  English 381 (Interpersonal Communication) focuses on interpersonal skills, oral communication, and listening; 382 (Team Dynamics) focuses on skills needed for problem solving by small groups; and 383 (Conflict Management) focuses on strategies for decreasing conflict and creating win-win outcomes in the workplace and in the community.

English 384 - Writing for the Mass Media 
An introduction to writing for print journalism, broadcast media, and in public relations and advertising settings.

English 385 - Reasoning and Writing 
An advanced composition course in which students study a wide variety of essays from different disciplines and write for a variety of purposes.

English 387 - Business and Professional Writing 
A practical course in writing and analyzing reports, instructions, letters, memoranda, and other material typical of business, industry, and the professions.

English 388 - Public Speaking 
An introduction to preparing and delivering various types of speeches.

English 389 - Public Relations 
An introduction to strategic planning for public relations as well as the mechanics of preparing basic public relations materials.

English 400 - Communications in the Community 
A practicum designed to allow students to apply communications skills in a company setting under the direction of an on-site supervisor and a communications instructor. A student may earn a maximum of six semester hours in 400 courses. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.