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David Williams
, a Business Economics major who earned the Emphasis in Information Management, had an internship at Zeus Inc., working with Mark Mansfield. Mr. Mansfield writes, "We are heavy into Linux, having many of our servers running the OS. If you want to see Linux in a business setting, this is a good place. Don’t worry about preparing for the summer experience. We will throw you into, and alongside us, in whatever we have going on. A lot of the work for this summer may be networking and Voice over IP as we bring our newly opened Aiken plant on to the network and build it out computer and telephone wise. In a nutshell, what you will be exposed to this summer is Cisco networking, wireless networking, PC maintenance, VOIP telephony, Linux, Oracle Apps and DB. Bring whatever you have learned until now along with some enthusiasm for the summer work and you will be perfectly well prepared."
Robert Merting, a double major in business economics and computer science who obtained the EIM, during the summers of 2003 and 2004, worked at AAI Engineering Services Inc. (ESI). AAI ESI manufactures C-17 maintenance trainers for the Air Force, Every time a mistake is made during the manufacturing process, Problem Change Report (PCR) must be completed. The system being used to track PCRs was out of date and unreliable, so with a colleague, Robert designed and implemented a database to track PCRs. His supervisor was John Hayward, and his partner was Townsend Clarkson.
Ben Mungin, a Business Economics graduate with an EIM, had an internship at iMed Technologies between his junior and senior years. iMed Technologies specializes in software and website development and resellers of computer software related to medical fields. Working with the development manager, Ben took part in business-to-business sales of medical software, participated in sales and marketing, developed websites for clientele, and did software related work. He saw first hand the software life cycle, which included developing software for a user, implementing the business cycle, and emphasizing the use of cost, time, and other constraints in order to create a personalized product. After graduation, Ben has a position with Wells Fargo Bank in Greenville, South Carolina.