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Facility Affairs Committee

The Facility Affairs Committee is the bridge between the student body of Wofford College and staff, faculty, and the Campus Union Assembly. It is designed to inform the students of changes around campus, while addressing their suggestions and complaints with the proper authorities. This committee will work closely with the physical plant, maintenance services, Aramark, and any group working with campus development. For better communications with food services (Aramark) on campus, the Dining Services Advisory sub - committee was established and it is an important part of Facility Affairs.  This committee is instrumental in keeping a working relationship between the students of this great college and the people that serve them.

The Facility Affairs Committee is chaired by Brittany Walker and she can be reached at walkerba@email.wofford.edu or CPO 1367.

Facility Affairs Committee Members: 

  • Brittany Walker, Chair
  • Andrew Strasburger
  • Henry Tiller
  • Lindy Pence
  • Shri Selvakumar
  • Tanner Oldham
  • Timmy Oxley
  • Tyrell Jemison

Meeting Times: 

The Facility Affairs Committee typically meets every Tuesday at 11:00AM in the Campus Life Center.  Please feel free to come to any meeting to voice concerns or ask questions you have.
Lighting Walk 
Once every semester, the Facility Affairs Committee conducts a lighting walk with administration and staff from the physical plant.  With the many trees and shrubbery around campus come poorly lit areas as well.  Safety of faculty, staff, and students is a major concern on campus, and with the help of lighting walks, numerous lights have been added across campus.  Look for announcements in the Daily Announcements for the date and time of these walks.  All students are welcome to take part in the walks.
Wireless Internet Set-Up 
Within the first few weeks of classes, look for announcements online and around campus for a wireless internet set-up.  While the IT Help Desk is always available to help students with computer issues and wireless connectivity, the Facility Affairs Committee will hold a program in the Milliken Science Center lobby.  Here, students can get help and instructions from IT staff on how to connect to the wireless network while studying in Great Oaks Hall.
Campus Dining Issues 
The Dining Services staff is always available to hear your comments, questions, or special request regarding on-campus dining.  The Facility Affairs Committee has meetings each semester with Dining Services staff to help address multiple issues at once.  Please feel free to email Campus Union at campusunion@wofford.edu with any questions or comments regarding on-campus dining at Burwell, Zach's, or Java City locations.