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In order to be considered for Bonner Scholars, candidates must complete the following steps:

• Complete the Bonner application.  To access a hard copy click here.
• Apply and become accepted to Wofford College.
• Demonstrate your financial need by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
• Provide at least one letter of recommendation which can reflect a commitment to service in the home, school, community, or religious organization, found here.

To be considered for a Bonner Scholarship, complete and submit all four application components by 11:59pm on Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

First Name:
Last Name:
Middle Name:
Name Called (if different):


Email Address:
Phone Number:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
High School Name:

High School City:

High School State:

Please respond as thoughtfully and as fully as you feel necessary to the following questions. They are designed to give you an opportunity to relate the experiences that qualify you to be a Bonner Scholar. We recommend that you draft your answers in an application such as Word first and then transfer them to the form, so that you can construct your answers thoughtfully, with attention to cohesion, grammar and spelling. 

1. Please discuss how your community service activities have influenced you, changed who you are as a person; and how your service activities have helped others and created positive change in the world.


2. What issue in the world today about which are you most passionate? Put another way, when you watch or read the news or simply live your life, what issue grabs your heart and head and won't let go? Why? Have you been able to positively impact this issue thus far in your life? Do you hope to do so in college? How?
3. On today’s busy college campuses, students have intense demands on their time for academic, athletic and extracurricular activities. At 10 hours/week, plus at least 2 full-time summers, the Bonner Scholarship is a very serious commitment.  Please describe how you have managed to maintain balance in your life during your high school career and how you intend to transfer that experience into your life at Wofford College, as a Bonner Scholar?

4. In the following grid, please list the service activities in which you have been involved and/or the family and work responsibilities you have had during the past four years.

Activity/Responsibility/Job Years of Participation   Hours/Month  Service or Level of Responsibility

5. Please provide a letter of recommendation from a community member. This letter should convey your involvement in community service, family responsibilities, or work experience.

6. Please feel free to submit any additional materials that would aid us in assessing your candidacy as a Wofford College Bonner Scholar.

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