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  • Plan on Attending Graduate School?

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    Recommendations for Students Planning on Attending Graduate School

    • Start preparation early. Get information on the requirements, which may vary from one school to the next, but almost always require that you take the GRE and have certain courses in your background. Fliers are posted in the halls of the Biology Department and a current copy of Peterson's Guide is in the departmental office.
    • Talk with faculty members about interests and career objectives. They can often guide you to the right places and provide helpful pointers on admissions.
    • Prepare for the GRE. Take a review course or purchase a guidebook from a bookstore. Practice taking the test. Many graduate schools are requiring minimum scores before they will consider you. In addition to the general GRE, some programs require one of two advanced subject tests. One of the advanced subject tests covers general topics in biology. The other focuses on topics in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology. The specific advanced subject test required will depend on the graduate program to which you are applying.
    • Some courses are vital for receiving serious admission consideration. Take courses related to your specific field. Talk with members of the faculty. We are glad to help.
    • Obtain some research experience, either at Wofford or through an off-campus program. Various universities offer summer programs. Information about these programs is posted in the hall, or you can inquire in the office. The National Science Foundation offers prestigious summer research internships throughout the country and abroad, called REUs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates). Your academic advisor can help you apply for these internships.

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