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  • Why Major in Biology?

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    At the heart of the biology major is the study of all living things and the way that life is structured, functions and evolves. Here at Wofford you’ll have a wide range of opportunities to study under a first rate faculty with a diverse set of specializations and research interests. You can choose from class and laboratory offerings that include genetics and molecular biology, botany, field biology, marine and freshwater biology, evolutionary biology, microbiology, immunology and human disease, physiology, ecotoxicology, neurobiology, conservation biology, and more.

    But being a biology major at Wofford is about more than just the classes. It’s about joining a community where students and faculty not only know each other inside and outside the classroom, but also work together to conduct research and present their findings at national conferences and in scientific journals. It’s about having access to a state of the art curriculum that blends intensive study in biology with other disciplines in the liberal arts to give you a broad range of knowledge and experiences. It’s about taking non-traditional classes, having opportunities to participate in internships, and collaborating with your fellow students. And above all, it’s about preparing you for your future, whether that is graduate or medical school or entry into the work force right after college.