• Trees in front of the library
  • The Roger Milliken Arboretum is a feast for the senses! Visitors, educators, students and staff enjoy this beautiful, green oasis showcasing nearly 4,500 trees over more than 150 acres. This world-class horticultural display helps promote environmental consciousness, educate the community and heighten awareness of the importance of trees in a rapidly developing urban world.

  • Students in the arboretum

    Central Campus Tour

    Enjoy a virtual tour of Wofford's Central Campus. On this tour you'll find photos and essential information about dozens of varieties of trees in the Roger Milliken Arboretum.

    Students in the arboretum

    South Campus Tour

    Learn about the 32 trees that comprise the southern part of the Roger Milliken Arboretum.

    Students walking on Liberty Trail

    Liberty Trail

    Tour the Liberty Trail portion of the Roger Milliken Arboretum which is located in the northern part of campus.