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Invest in Wofford’s Reputation in the Sciences


“The experiences our students gain working on projects with faculty mentors are invaluable. Student/faculty collaborative research gives students confidence in their scientific abilities and helps them transition toward independent research. They learn chemistry by doing chemistry in a non-classroom setting, becoming better chemists and researchers along the way. There’s nothing like the excitement of discovery!”

Dr. Jameica B. Hill ’88,
professor of chemistry and chair of the department

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Benefits of a New Advanced Chemistry Lab

  • On-campus hub of year-round, ongoing research.
  • Leading-edge equipment will better prepare students for the workplace or graduate school.
  • Additional opportunities to secure outside funding for undergraduate research.
  • Additional opportunities for collaborative student/faculty research and mentoring.
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The Need

  • Eleven percent of each class pursues medicine or a graduate degree in the STEM fields.
  • Wofford does not have dedicated space for ongoing or long-term student/faculty collaborative research projects.
  • All five of Wofford’s chemistry teaching labs are in full use during both semesters for classes and labs.
  • Wofford students have limited opportunities for chemical research on campus because of lack of space.
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Of the college’s nearly 18,700 living alumni, more than 1,600 practice medicine, dentistry or other health care professions. In addition, a strong contingent of Wofford-educated scientists, researchers, educators, engineers and business owners use their Wofford foundation each day to make our world a better place.

The sciences have always been a strength for Wofford, and outstanding faculty and motivated students continue that tradition. Unfortunately, our abilities have outpaced our facilities. It’s urgent that we create a dedicated space for collaborative student/faculty research that will prepare our students to continue the college’s tradition of excellence in the sciences.

GOAL: $300,000

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Making a Gift

Wofford has a history of excellent faculty in the sciences. Consider making your gift in honor of a professor who taught, mentored and supported your Wofford experience.

Donors who give $10,000 or more will be recognized in the space.

For more information, contact Calhoun Kennedy at or 864-597-4211.

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