Alumni Programs

Alumni Association FAQs

Find all the answers questions you have about staying connected, as well as alumni events, programs and services! View the Alumni Association FAQs page.

Ways to Get Involved

The Wofford Alumni Association strives to engage with Wofford alumni in meaningful ways. Learn about ways that you can engage with your fellow alumni, as well as Wofford's students and campus community.

Alumni Association Board

The Wofford Alumni Association Board of Directors (AAB) serves as a liaison between alumni and the college to provide input and lead alumni in honoring the achievements of fellow alumni and friends of the college. View current members and learn more about how you can apply.

GOLD Ambassador Program

Graduates of the Last Decade who apply to serve on the Wofford College Alumni Association Board of Directors also will be considered for the GOLD Ambassador Program. View current members and learn more about how you can apply.

Lifelong Learning at Wofford

Lifelong Learning at Wofford opens Wofford’s mission of providing superior liberal arts education to the greater community through interactive courses and one-time workshops, lectures or events. Wofford alumni are welcome to participate!

Travel Opportunities

Wofford provides alumni and friends with a variety of national and world-wide travel opportunities through GoNext, a third-party provider. Take a look at upcoming trips!

Request a Transcript

Need a transcript? Request a transcript and contact the Office of the Registrar if you need further assistance.