Wofford College Social Media Acceptable Use Policy

Wofford College social media accounts exist to communicate about the college with the Wofford community and other interested stakeholders. These accounts will share updates about the college; its offices, departments, and programs; and its students and alumni. All official Wofford College social media platforms may also be used by the Wofford College Office of Marketing and Communications to disseminate information in the event of a crisis. More information about the Office of Marketing and Communications can be found on the OMC website.

Wofford College social media account administrators can, and will, block users who attempt to spam college accounts. We will also remove posts that advertise services or promote ideals or events that are not in keeping with the mission of Wofford College.

We recognize and value differences of opinion but will remove posts that are:

  • Abusive, bullying, threatening, or in any way endanger the health/safety of others
  • Lewd, profane, or sexually explicit
  • Racist
  • Encouraging violence
  • Violating privacy or copyright laws
  • Contrary to Wofford’s mission and values

The college reserves the right to remove posts in accordance with the above criteria at any time, without warning.

This Social Media Acceptable Use Policy applies to all official accounts that represent Wofford College.