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We are committed to an established color palette, always honoring the college's official colors of old gold and black. While the logo must be consistent, we offer variety of design aesthetic based on audience and objective. Let us work together to find what works best for your project as well as the college.

While we encourage all design projects that represent the college to be done by our amazing creative team, we understand that designing is fun and sometimes people want to try it! We are happy to work with our internal clients to make sure that the designs formulated outside of our office are in keeping with brand standards and will meet the high standards of the college.

We take pride in the fact that marketing publications are completed by professionals employed by the college, because we understand that we know our college best. However, sometimes life happens. We are happy to talk to you about your needs and objectives and do what’s in the best interest of the college.

Once we have all content and assets in-hand it generally takes about three weeks.

We use the Associated Press Stylebook, which is best practice for offices that do what we do.


  1. Go to:
  2. Enter the title of the event. (Required field) NOTE: 3
  3. Enter the date of the event. (Required field)
  4. Select either all-day event or the start and end time of the event. One of these selections is required. (Required field)
  5. Select the event type. (Required field)
    • In-person: For events that are in-person.
    • Virtual: For events that are on Zoom or anther online platform.
    • In-person and virtual: For events that are both in-person and virtual.
    • Deadline/campus date: For holidays, academic schedule, etc. (i.e., First day of class)
  6. Enter the location of the event. (Required field)
    • In-person:
      • The location is required. (i.e., Main Building)
      • The location link is optional. (i.e., NOTE: 5
    • Virtual:
      • The virtual location is required. (i.e., Zoom)
      • The virtual location link is required. (i.e.,
    • In-person and virtual:
      • The location is required. (i.e., Main Building)
      • The location link is optional. (i.e., NOTE: 5
      • The virtual location is required. (i.e., Zoom)
      • The virtual location link is required. (i.e.,
    • Deadline/campus date: The location and location link will not be an available option if the event type is a deadline/campus date.
  7. Enter the description of the event. (Required field) NOTE: 4
  8. Enter the contact name for the event. (Required field)
  9. Enter the contact email for the event. (Required field)
  10. Enter the contact phone for the event. (Required field)
  11. Enter a registration and/or a more information link. (Optional field) NOTE: 5
  12. Select repeat this event if necessary. (Optional field)
    • Select the relevant interval for repeating the event.
    • Enter the number of times the event needs to repeat or select a date when the repeating event should stop.
  13. Select the subcalendar the event is for. Every event is automatically added to the campus calendar.
  14. Select a primary calendar. This will determine which default photo is displayed next to the event. If a custom photo is uploaded it will take precedence over the default photo.
  15. Upload a custom photo. (Optional field)
    • The photo will need to be approved by OMC.
    • The aspect ratio of the photo needs to be between 1:1 and 3:2. (i.e., 1000x1000 or 1000x667) If the photo is not within this aspect ratio, the photo will need to be cropped or you will need to use a different photo.


1 All events must be approved by OMC.

2 You will receive an email notification every time you submit an event, update an event and when your event has been approved. If you need to update your event, click the link provided in one of these email notifications.

3 Please do not list the location, time or any other information other than the title in the title field. There is a field below for location, time, etc.

4 Please provide a meaningful description for the event. Entering the title of the event is an example of a poor event description.

6 If you have any additional questions please contact Angela Filler at

Submit items by using the Daily Announcements form (including events, announcements and lost/found items).

Daily Announcements are emailed to all faculty, staff and students each morning during the week during the academic year. Daily Announcements are not distributed on Saturday or Sunday or on official college holidays.

Daily Announcements are sent via email to the campus community each morning around 9 a.m. (Delivery time depends on the number of announcements received and the editing involved.)

Wofford announcements must have a Wofford contact and a Wofford email address. Announcements that have an email address other than a Wofford email will not be accepted unless it is a recognized Gmail account for a Wofford organization. No commercial (for sale, for rent, etc.) announcements are allowed.

Announcements may publish three times per week. If an announcement is submitted multiple dates in the same week, it will only be published for the first three (3) times it is submitted. Announcements must be submitted prior to MIDNIGHT the day before it is scheduled to publish.

Event or Announcement – Which is it?? – An event is any function that has a DATE, TIME and PLACE. If you submit an event as an announcement it will not appear in the “event” section of the announcements.

Please keep your event announcements and general announcements brief. We reserve the right to edit for space and other issues.

If you submit an announcement and need to make a change, email

Proof your announcement before submitting it and check for spelling errors, making sure that the room and building are named correctly, etc. Editing will be limited. (You will receive a confirmation email when you submit.)

When planning an event, designate one person to be responsible for submitting the announcement so that duplicates are not received. Events must be submitted to the calendar as well. When planning events please check the calendar for events that are already scheduled in an effort to avoid conflicts.

Remember – booking a venue does not mean that your event is on the calendar. You must still add your event. Calendar submissions must be approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications before they appear on the calendar. Event postings should be made no later than 4 p.m. the day before the event to ensure that they appear on the calendar. Note that you must reserve your room/venue with the appropriate staff person; putting your event on the calendar DOES NOT reserve the space.

Special Announcements:
“Special” emailed announcements will be kept to a minimum, and the decision is the sole discretion of the Office of Marketing and Communications. (Forgetting to submit an announcement or failing to submit the correct information do not qualify as an emergency.)

Questions about announcements or calendar postings should be directed to

Email us at!