The Space encourages students to start early when it comes to searching for internships! Many companies especially in the Banking and Finance industries begin taking internship applications as early as August for a start date the following summer. While most industries don’t hire that soon into the school year, it doesn’t hurt to begin the internship search process around the same time. The internship search strategy is heavily focused on utilizing the Wofford Alumni network, traditionally through Linkedin and other networking tools, to begin building relationships with alumni that are successful in their fields. We encourage students to ask for informational interviews where they can begin to receive advice on the types of hands on working experiences they recommend students should be looking for. Starting these conversations early in the school year give students ample time to begin searching for the right opportunities that directly relate to their career goals.



Currently entering into its third year, The Space has managed their own international internship program in Moshi, Tanzania. Each year 8 to 10 students spend their summer living and working with a variety of non-profits, each having a direct impact on the lives of the Tanzanian population. The opportunities center around women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship and education, but that doesn’t mean the internships are only open to students interested in those fields. The Tanzania internship program is a resume differentiator for all Wofford students regardless of their career goals. Applications are open late fall each school year.


More and more studies show that students that have had multiple experiential learning experiences and a higher GPA have a stronger chance of being employed within 6 months of graduation. The Space is dedicated to teaching students the importance of internships and hands on learning experiences and helping them attain such opportunities. The Space encourages students to start thinking about summer internships as early as the summer after their first year of college. For the summer of 2018, 41% of the rising sophomore class participated in internships that directly related to their future goals. During that same time frame 81% of the rising senior class participated in experiences that directly related.

Internship Stipend

The Space seeks to financially assist students that participate in unpaid internships or in paid internships but have a financial need. Students can apply for summer internship stipends every year through an application in The Space.