Registration Tips

Before Registration

  • Make sure your password works. If your myWofford password is not working, click the "FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?" link and follow the instructions. If that doesn't work, contact the IT Help Center.
  • Verify that you do not have any holds. You may find you have an active hold from a parking ticket you never paid. Holds must be resolved with the office that placed them. You can view holds by logging into myWofford go to Student -> Student Tools -> Registration -> Prepare for Registration. The items there will notify if you have a hold that will prevent registration or if you are all clear.

When Registration Opens

  • Log in early! Get into BannerWeb with several minutes to spare. Don’t wait till the last minute and risk running into a problem.
  • Once you are in myWofford go to Student -> Student Tools -> Registration.
  • You can have one and only one myWofford/BannerWeb session at a time. Attempting to register with multiple devices will cause your active session to be terminated when you move from one to another. This also creates unnecessary web traffic for everyone else. Use a single device that you feel is reliable.
  • If you click the Registration link and the page goes blank for a few seconds, do not panic and start clicking stop/back/forward in your browser. You can break the transfer from myWofford to BannerWeb by randomly clicking your browser options. Be patient, there’s a lot of traffic on the site during registration.
  • Keep exercising patience once you gain access to BannerWeb. The server’s clock is synced with Instead of feverishly clicking the submit button to see if your registration window has opened, just keep your eye on the official time and click once. You may get a blank page for a few seconds but, again, do not panic. You could be just a nanosecond away from being registered, but if you click stop/back you will lose your place in line.

Other tips

  • If you need a refresher on how to register, view the short How to Register video.
  • Remember to enter BOTH CRNs for courses with labs. The lecture and lab sections are linked in the system. It will not add one without the other.
  • The IT Help Center will be staffed early during registration week to help you with any access issues. The Registrar's Office will also be availabler at