How to Grant Proxy Access

In an effort to meet the needs of Wofford students, and to encourage students to safeguard their myWofford user name and password, Wofford provides a way for students to identify a person as a proxy and grant permission for that trusted individual to view selected student information.

The student controls who they designate as a proxy and what items that person can access. When the student selects the pages for a proxy, they are authorizing them to access the web page as if they were the student. The student is able to modify the permissions, set date ranges in which the permissions are active, and view a log of the most recent activity.

If the proxy has questions about the information they are viewing, they should speak to the student. Wofford's Proxy Access does not grant the proxy the authority to contact and discuss information with a College representative. The student would also have to grant the proxy FERPA access. Only the student can authorize Proxy Access; Wofford Staff/Faculty cannot grant those rights.

Proxy instructions:

After the proxy account set-up is complete, the proxy user will be able to log in using