Wofford Firsts

Welcome to Wofford College first-generation college students! Wofford Firsts seeks to provide academic, social, and overall student success support for the nearly 15% of first-generation college students who call Wofford home.

First-generation college students are defined as students whose parent(s)/guardian(s) or those they spent a significant amount of time with while growing up have not completed requirements for a bachelor’s degree. Being a first-generation college student is a proud accomplishment and momentous achievement that should be celebrate and supported.

Student Resources


Study Abroad 101

Come and learn about opportunities to study abroad and available scholarships. The event will be held on September 21st at 11 a.m. and will be located in the Michael S. Brown Village room 111.

First-Generation College Student Week

First-Generation College Student Week: November 8-12, 2021. Check daily announcements and social media for event topics, dates, and times.

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