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Who are we seeking? We are seeking students with exceptional motivation and talent. Strong academics and commitment to learning are essential, but a 4.0 GPA is not necessary. Students should have good interpersonal as well as strong oral and written communication skills. They should demonstrate a passionate commitment to their field beyond their coursework (e.g. research, social justice work, civic engagement, etc.)

More information about the Post-graduate Fellowships Committee can be found here:

More information about post-graduate fellowships available to students can be found here:

Is the student aware that you have recommended him or her to the Post-graduate Fellowships Committee?

If this student pursues an application for a post-graduate scholarship, do you feel you could write a strong letter of recommendation in support of his/ her application?

1) What year is the student?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any member of the committee: Ramón Galiñanes, Jr. (, Kara Bopp (, Cissy Fowler (, Kirsten Krick-Aigner (, and John Ware (