Wofford College is pleased to share its results from the 2018-19 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). Wofford actively uses the NSSE results to evaluate and improve the educational experience for all its students. Wofford is committed to the concept of "institutional transparency" as advocated by NSSE creator George Kuh. You are invited to look through many of Wofford's findings from the NSSE by clicking on one of the four NSSE themes below.

Academic Challenge

Challenging intellectual and creative work is central to student learning and collegiate quality. Colleges and universities promote student learning by challenging and supporting them to engage in various forms of deep learning.

Learning with Peers

Collaborating with others in mastering difficult material and developing interpersonal and social competence prepare students to deal with complex, unscripted problems they will encounter during and after college.

Experiences with Faculty

Students learn firsthand how experts think about and solve problems by interacting with faculty members inside and outside of instructional settings. As a result, faculty become role models, mentors, and guides for lifelong learning.

Campus Environment

Students benefit and are more satisfied in supportive settings that cultivate positive relationships among students, faculty, and staff. Two Engagement Indicators investigate this theme:  Quality of Interactions and  Supportive Environment.