Program Coordinators

Dr. Courtney Dorroll

Dr. Courtney Dorroll advises students on their capstone projects, coordinates with MENA mentor professors and advises students on mentor professor selection.

Dr. Philip Dorroll

Dr. Philip Dorroll meets with interested and newly declared students to discuss the MENA Program, going through classes needed for the MENA Program and addressing individual MENA student progress plans.

Dr. Vicki Gilbert

Dr. Gilbert focuses on promoting the MENA program and the events sponsored and cosponsored by the program. She also maintains the program's listserv. If you have any events that you think would be of interest to members of Wofford's MENA program or opportunities that would be of interest to our students, please contact Dr. Gilbert.

Dr. Youness Mountaki

Dr. Mountaki assesses the MENA program for accreditation purposes and advises all Arabic minor and MENA program students to ensure no overlap occurs between courses for each minor/program.