Faculty and Staff

LTC Bryan Dunker

LTC Bryan R. Dunker

Professor of Military Science / Chair EMAIL: dunkerbr@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4337 OFFICE: Daniel Building

Michael Freeman

Supply Techinician EMAIL: freemanmc@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4334 OFFICE: Daniel Building
Vernon Frisbie

Vernon Frisbie

Military Science Instructor EMAIL: frisbieve@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4335 OFFICE: Daniel Building
Kent Kraus

Kent Kraus

Program Administrator EMAIL: krauske@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4339 OFFICE: Daniel Building
Mary Edith Stricklen

MaryEdith Stricklen

Enlistment Recruiting Officer EMAIL: stricklenmw@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4332 OFFICE: Daniel Building, ROTC Office 2
Simon Stricklen

W. Simon Stricklen

Enrollment and Scholarship Officer EMAIL: stricklenws@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4338 OFFICE: Daniel Building