Frequently Asked Questions

Students who plan to major in mathematics should have a strong background in algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Students who present an AP Calculus score of 4 or higher will receive at least three semester hours of credit for calculus. At Wofford, students specializing in mathematics will study a core curriculum of calculus, linear algebra, mathematical proof and computing. They will complete a 12-course major by choosing from courses in differential equations, modeling, numerical methods, probability, statistics, geometry, analysis, abstract algebra, topology, number theory, cryptology and game theory.

The Mathematics Department offers two concentrations for students who want to pursue mathematics in even more depth. The concentration in pure mathematics is for students who are interested in rigor and theory, and the concentration in applied mathematics is for students who are interested in how mathematics can be used to solve real-world problems. Each concentration requires independent research that must be approved beforehand. The concentration in applied mathematics also requires students to choose an area of application such as accounting, biology, chemistry or physics and to complete courses in the area of application.

Never have there been more career opportunities for mathematicians. In addition to the traditional engineering-related jobs, there are now many opportunities for mathematicians in business. Among the careers chosen by recent Wofford mathematics graduates are nuclear engineering, medicine, law, operations research (mathematical analysis of business and industrial problems), actuarial science (mathematical analysis of insurance and pension plans), management science, computing and teaching.