Position: Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Tenure-Track Faculty Position
Department of Chemistry

What credentials are necessary?

The position requires the candidate hold a PhD in Environmental/Analytical Chemistry or a related area. We seek candidates who have a passion for teaching undergraduates.

What and where is Wofford College?

Wofford is a nationally ranked, Phi Beta Kappa, residential liberal arts institution of 1650 mostly traditional students. The campus is located in downtown Spartanburg, SC, about an hour west of Charlotte, NC; 2.5 hours east of Atlanta, GA; 1.5 hours south of Asheville, NC; 1.5 hours north of Columbia, SC (the state capital); and 3 hours from Charleston, SC. Known as the Hub City, Spartanburg is home to six other institutions of higher education: Converse College, Spartanburg Methodist College, Spartanburg Community College, USC-Upstate, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, and Sherman College of Chiropractic. Students attending the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine and ours often gain clinical shadowing experience at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center, which abuts the Wofford campus. Housing is affordable. Spartanburg is home to the Chapman Cultural Center and numerous cultural events throughout the year.

Find out much more about Wofford at wofford.edu/about/fastfacts.

Tell me about the Chemistry Department.

The Chemistry department has ˜85 declared majors and ˜10 minors. We graduated 16 seniors in May of 2019, many with double majors and many who have studied abroad for a semester. The remaining faculty include seven full-time chemists all holding PhD degrees and two Visiting Professors. Six of the full-time chemists are tenured. The Chemistry Department occupies the third floor in the Roger Milliken Science Center (RMSC), which we share with the Departments of Biology, Psychology and Physics. Environmental Studies is located in an adjacent building. Colleagues from all these departments will befriend and mentor the successful candidate.

The College is well known in the Carolinas for its strong science programs. Our graduates comprise a disproportionately large fraction of those admitted to the three medical schools and the dental school in South Carolina. While we acknowledge that research is an important aspect of a student’s experience, we are primarily a teaching institution. We have no graduate programs; professors are responsible for courses and their labs. We have a full-time chemistry laboratory manager to assist with all labs; upper level undergraduate majors serve as lab assistants and peer tutors. In addition, we have a departmental assistant to support the faculty.

More about the Chemistry Department may be found at wofford.edu/academics/majors-and-programs/chemistry. Meet the Chemistry faculty and staff at wofford.edu/academics/majors-and-programs/chemistry/faculty-and-staff.

What will I teach?

In the fall of 2020, the Assistant Professor of Chemistry will initially teach two sections of CHEM 123 (General Chemistry I and their labs, 8 credit hours, 12 contact hours). There are typically 20-24 students (majors and non-majors) enrolled in CHEM 123. Students have the same professor for lecture and lab in all of our courses.

In the spring of 2021, the Assistant Professor of Chemistry will teach two sections of CHEM 124 (General Chemistry II and their labs, 8 credit hours, 12 contact hours. There are typically 20-24 students (majors and non-majors) enrolled in CHEM. Students have the same professor for lecture and lab in all of our courses.

Eventually, the Assistant Professor of Chemistry will be expected to additionally teach courses in Environmental Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, and traditional Quantitative Analysis.

CHEM 123: The Assistant Professor will be encouraged to collaborate with the other faculty teaching General Chemistry. The faculty, lab manager, and laboratory assistants work together as a team in teaching this course, so the Assistant Professor will have significant support in all aspects of this course. The Assistant Professor will benefit tremendously from “sitting in” on the lecture sections and labs of an experienced colleague. Faculty vary in terms of how they organize class meetings and how much they expect their students to use on-line resources provided with the textbook. If you’re an inexperienced teacher interested in pedagogy, you’ll find Wofford to be a great place to learn about teaching and learning.

CHEM 124: This course is the second half of General Chemistry (continues from CHEM 123).

Catalog course descriptions may be found at catalog.wofford.edu/courses-programs-departments/chemistry/#majorrequirementstext.

What about the January Interim Term at Wofford?

During the month of January, faculty and students are permitted to concentrate on a single study project. These projects are designed to move beyond traditional classroom courses and teaching methods and to encourage innovative, experiential learning. Projects are graded on a Pass/Fail/Honors basis, which allows students to explore projects in which they have interest but not necessarily a full background, without risking their GPA. Students annually enroll in on-campus projects, internships, service learning, and travel/study projects. Students are also able to propose independent study projects. Additional information about Interim may be found at wofford.edu/interim.

As a first-year Assistant Professor, you would not be expected to offer or participate in an Interim 2021 project, although you might find it exciting and enlightening to collaborate on a project that has already been approved. The January Interim period would allow time to prepare for the spring semester, which begins in early February. After the first year of employment, faculty are required to teach every Interim, with the exception of when on sabbatical.

What support will I have?

The chemistry faculty, our Administrative Assistant (Susan Thomas), and Chemistry Laboratory Manager (Tammy Cooper) are quite supportive. Your office will be in close proximity of all the faculty. Most of us have lunch every day with our colleagues from across the campus in the Faculty-Staff Dining Room (FDR). The FDR is a lively place with rich and diverse conversations where strong friendships develop. Faculty members from all departments are generally passionate about teaching and often share stories and strategies. A candidate interested in honing teaching skills will quickly discover that Wofford College provides remarkable opportunities to do so.

What about compensation?

The salary will be competitive and commensurate with your experience. Additionally, a strong benefits package will be provided.

What is the academic calendar?

Pre-session workshops for faculty occur in late August (Aug 29th and 30th this year). Classes begin in early September (Sep 2nd this year). You could move into your office earlier if necessary. The 2019-20 academic calendar may be found at wofford.edu/academics/registrar/calendars-and-schedules/academic-calendar-ny.

Are there other expectations?

The Assistant Professor of Chemistry must work collaboratively with other Chemistry faculty/staff. You are expected to be available during regular/daily office hours and via Wofford email to assist your students. You will be expected to have committee assignments and academic advising responsibilities. Research, either individually or in collaboration with our students outside of the courses for which you are responsible, is encouraged and expected. You are expected to attend and contribute to meetings of the chemistry department, which are scheduled 2-4 times each semester and monthly faculty meetings of the college.

How do I apply?

All applications should include the following materials:
  • A cover letter of application
  • A statement addressing the candidate’s teaching philosophy (which should include an articulation of interest in, and understanding of, working at a residential, liberal arts college)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Three professional letters of recommendations
  • Graduate transcripts (copies are sufficient initially)

Applicants are welcome to include supplementary evidence of teaching effectiveness and published articles.

Submit all materials electronically as one pdf file to chemistrysearch@wofford.edu.

Wofford is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer committed to excellence through diversity and strongly encourages applications from members of under-represented groups.

To learn about Wofford, explore wofford.edu. For information about the Chemistry Department, go to wofford.edu/academics/majors-and-programs/chemistry.