Faculty and Staff

Caleb Arrington

Dr. Caleb Arrington

Professor and Chair of Chemistry EMAIL: arringtonca@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4633 OFFICE: RMSC 306A Caleb Arrington's website
Heidi Bostic

Dr. Heidi E. Bostic

Associate Professor of Chemistry EMAIL: bostiche@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-5007 OFFICE: RMSC 303
Tammy Cooper

Tammy Looper Cooper

Environmental Compliance Officer / Hazardous Waste Disposal Coordinator for Academic Areas EMAIL: coopertl@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4386 OFFICE: RMSC 331
Zachary Davis

Dr. Zachary S. Davis

Associate Professor of Chemistry EMAIL: daviszs@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4669 OFFICE: RMSC 321
Robert Harris

Dr. Robert J. Harris

Professor of Chemistry EMAIL: harrisrj@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4653 OFFICE: RMSC 327
Dr. Jameica Hill

Dr. Jameica Byers Hill

Associate Provost for Administration
Professor of Chemistry
Faculty Athletics Representative
EMAIL: hilljb@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4635 OFFICE: RMSC 326C Jameica Hill's webpage

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Dr. William McWhorter

Dr. William McWhorter

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry EMAIL: mcwhorterww@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4314
Ramin Radfar

Dr. Ramin Radfar

Professor of Chemistry EMAIL: radfarr@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4632 OFFICE: RMSC 309 Ramin Radfar's website
Cassie Schrank

Cassie Schrank

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry EMAIL: schrankcl@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4631
Grace Schwartz

Dr. Grace Schwartz

Assistant Professor of Chemistry EMAIL: schwartzge@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4641 OFFICE: RMSC 306B

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Tracey Southers

Tracey Southers

Administrative Assistant EMAIL: southerstl@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4630 OFFICE: RMSC 306
Chris Waidner

Dr. T. Christopher Waidner

Associate Professor of Chemistry EMAIL: waidnertc@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4634 OFFICE: RMSC 306C