Studio Art

Students in the Studio Art program are taught, mentored, and advised by practicing artists and scholars. They develop their own creative voices through the study of a broad range of contemporary and traditional modes of artistic production and can develop skills in design, drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography, digital art, printmaking, and ceramics.

Both the Art History and the Studio Art programs are supported by museum and gallery exhibitions, which bring contemporary art and historical objects to support the students’ educational experiences.

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Alumni/Student Achievements

Community Outreach

Micah Tiffin ’20 assisted with educational programming at in the Richardson Family Art Museum (summer 2019).


Micah Tiffin ’20 was awarded Wofford’s Whetsell Fellowship for 2019. His exhibition, “Gummy Labyrinth,” is on view in the Richardson Family Art Gallery until March 6, 2020, and he will deliver a gallery talk on Feb. 20. Read more about the Whetsell Fellowship and other arts internship opportunities at Wofford.

Kyla Burwick ’19 completed her Whetsell Fellowship with an exhibition in the Richardson Family Art Gallery (fall 2018). Her project, titled “Poetic Injustice: A Conversation,” combined photography, film, creative writing, installation and dance to explore the enduring racial injustices leveled against the black body in American society past and present.


Kara Porter ’20 was the HUB-BUB Creative Placemaking Intern during the spring of 2019. HUB-BUB is an artist-in-residence program hosted by the Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg.


Sarah Baldwin ’15 is instructor of visual arts and AP art history at Christ School in Asheville, North Carolina.