Faculty and Staff

Kenneth Banks

Dr. Kenneth Banks

Associate Professor of History EMAIL: bankskj@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4055 OFFICE: 101 Main Building
Rhiannon Leebrick

Dr. Rhiannon Leebrick

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology EMAIL: leebrickra@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4555 OFFICE: 121 Main Building
Dr. Jim Neighbors

Dr. Jim Neighbors

Professor of English EMAIL: neighborsjr@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4608 OFFICE: 231 Main Building James Neighbors' website

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Kimberly Rostan

Dr. Kimberly Rostan

Associate Professor of English EMAIL: rostanka@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4194 OFFICE: 229 Main Building
Jessica ScottFelder

Jessica Scott-Felder

Assistant Professor of Studio Art EMAIL: scottfelderjm@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4609 OFFICE: Rosalind Sallenger Richardson Center for the Arts 008 Jessica Scott-Felder's website

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