Declare Major/Minor

Complete your major or minor declaration form in consultation with the program coordinator who oversees the major or minor you are declaring (pictured below). Then return the form to Jessica Maddox, administrative assistant in the Department of Accounting, Business and Finance, Olin 107. She will make a copy. You will then take the original to the Office of the Registrar located on the first floor of the DuPré Administration Building.


Diane Farley

Diane Farley

Assistant Professor of AccountingEMAIL: farleyds@wofford.eduPHONE: 864-597-4530OFFICE: 110 Olin Building


Patrick Stanton

Dr. Patrick Stanton

Assistant Professor of FinanceEMAIL: stantonpm@wofford.eduPHONE: 864-597-5047OFFICE: 104 Olin Building


Rickey Madden

Dr. Rickey Madden

Associate Professor of Business / Coordinator of the Business ProgramEMAIL: maddenrh@wofford.eduPHONE: 864-597-4587OFFICE: 107A Olin Building

Accounting, Business, & Finance Administrative Assistant

Jessica Maddox

Jessica Maddox

Administrative AssistantEMAIL: maddoxjm@wofford.eduPHONE: 864-597-4574OFFICE: 107 Olin Building