Wofford’s Deans and Provosts

The office of dean did not exist in the 19th century, as the president handled many of the tasks later administered by deans of the college and deans of students. By 1920, the college had grown to the point that the president needed more administrative help. A. Mason DuPre became the first Dean of Wofford College, handling many of the tasks later handled by the dean of students. In 2013, President Nayef H. Samhat named Dean of the College David S. Wood as the first Provost.

Arthur Mason DuPre

Arthur Mason DuPre, Dean, 1920-25; 1926-1940, Acting President, 1920-21, registrar, 1925-26, Headmaster, WoffordFitting School, 1897-1912. A graduate of the class of 1895, Dean DuPre was a member of Wofford's faculty for more than fifty years.

William Chapman Herbert

William Chapman Herbert, Dean, 1925-26; Registrar, 1926-1943; Headmaster, Wofford Fitting School, 1912-1918.Dean Herbert graduated from Wofford in 1904.

LeRoy Hill Cox

LeRoy Hill Cox, Acting Dean, 1940-1942; Director of Alumni Affairs and Public Relations, 1939-49. Dean Cox was a member of Wofford's class of 1924.

Clarence Clifford Norton

Clarence Clifford Norton, Dean of the College, 1942-1953; Acting President, 1951-52. Dean Norton was a member of the sociology faculty from 1925 to 1966.

Philip Stanhope Sheffield Covington

Philip Stanhope Sheffield Covington, Dean of the College, 1953-1969; Acting President, 1957-58. Dean Covington came to Wofford as a member of the English faculty in 1947, became dean of students in 1950, and served again in the English department after his term as dean of the college.

Joab Mauldin Lesesne, Jr

Joab Mauldin Lesesne, Jr, Dean of the College, 1970-72; 9th President of the College, 1972-2000.

Bobby Gene Stephens

Bobby Gene Stephens, Dean of the College, 1972-1980. A member of the class of 1957, Dean Stephens was a member of the chemistry faculty from 1963 to 1972, and left Wofford in 1980 to become president of MacMurray College in Illinois. He returned to Wofford in 1986 to lead the college's research and information technology efforts.

Dan Baker Maultsby, Dean of the College, 1980-2007. Dean Maultsby was a member of the class of 1961, and joined the sociology faculty in 1969.

David Shiel Wood

David Shiel Wood, Dean of the College, 2007-2013, Provost, 2013-2014, Senior Vice President for Advancement, 2014-2021.

Dennis Michael Wiseman

Dennis Michael Wiseman, Provost, 2014-2016. Provost Wiseman joined the faculty in 1979 as a member of the modern languages department, and also served as Dean of the Center of Innovation and Learning and Reeves Family Professor of French.

Michael J. Sosulski

Michael J. Sosulski, Provost, 2016-2021.

Timothy J. Schmitz

Timothy J. Schmitz, Provost, 2022-present.