Past Two to Tell Winners

2022 Winners
First Prize: Kelin Carpenter, “Doors of Return
Second Prize: Isaiah Franco, “Who Am I?
Third Prize: Eliana Davis, “Look Around

2020 Winners
First Prize: Liesel Rutland, “A Far Green Country Under a Swift Sunrise”
Second Prize: Jordan Holmes, “Alone But Not Lonely”
Third Prize: Brianna Sapounas, “Why Not”

2019 Winners
First Prize: Steele Smith, “I Am Not at Leisure
Second Prize: Anna Fulbright, “Take Back Your Country
Third Prize: Mahnoor Haq, “صداقة (Friendship)

2018 Winners
First Prize: John Patterson, “Now I Can See” 
Second Prize: Nick Butler, “Upward” 
Third Prize: Bridget Murtagh, “We All Come From Somewhere” 
Honorable Mention: Victoria Nwankudu, “I'm Just A Translator” 

2017 Winners
First Prize: Will Randall, “If Walls Could Talk
Second Prize: Punam Mulji, “At the End of the Road
Third Prize: Erin Jacobs, “My Travels” 

2016 Winners
First Prize: Brie White: “Wide Open Spaces
Second Prize: Sara Futch: “Work Worth Doing” 
Third Prize: Alex Bentley: “La Terraza” 

2015 Winners
First Prize: Neelam Mulji, “Creating Serenity from Chaos
Second Prize: John Estes, “No Sleep till  Brooklyn Barcelona
Third Prize: Paul Walkup, “No Shoes, No Worries

2014 Winners
First Prize: David Blum, “Because Dogs are Too Mainstream”
Second Prize: Kalle Davis, “Las Chichiguas”
Third Prize: Carlin Connelly, “Le mélodi du bonneur”
Honorable Mentions:
Daniel Didok, “Friendships and Perceptions”
Jennifer Sellars, “Where Things are Hyggeligt and People are Loved”

2013 Winners
First Prize: Anna Le, “Việt Nam: My quê Hương
Second Prize: Philip Coffey, “Go
Third Prize: Ben Chalmers, “Det Snöar” 
Honorable Mentions:
Bone Holt, “There and Back Again
Brian McCracken, “I Was Because of Them
Caroline Winn, “Accidentally in Love

2012 Winners
First Prize: Zach Beaver, “No Shave New Zealand”
Second Prize: Chip Bowman, “The Prince of Chile
Third Prize: Sarah Grace Keaveny, “Espero que te vaya bien

2011 Winners
First Prize: Meg Lindsay, “For Me, Of Course!
Second Prize: Nate Harceg, “A Change of Perspective: Challenge, Fear, Excitement
Third Prize: Stephyn Duck, “朝の物音: The Sound of Morning
Honorable Mention: Josh Turner, “Redefined